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Introduction. Simply about cryptocurrency

Introduction. Simply about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is digital money based on blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency has no physical form. All transaction information is stored in the blockchain (an electronic ledger).

Cryptocurrency is also a new form of asset. It’s used for investments. You don’t need a bank or any permission to own cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has certain advantages over traditional money. Benefits include fast transactions, no intermediaries, and the ability to send money internationally. You can store, invest, and exchange coins for goods.

There are two forms of cryptocurrency:

  • Coins – created on their own blockchain, can be used almost like traditional money. You can store, invest, and exchange them for goods.
  • Tokens – have more uses than digital currency.

The most well-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC). The top 20 cryptocurrencies are of particular value. You can check all cryptocurrencies here.

Where can you use cryptocurrency

You can use cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. In Ukraine, there are already plenty of places that accept digital payments. For example, the grocery store

You can use it to pay in restaurants, cafes, stores, when buying items online, even at the market, and more.

If you find a seller willing to accept your cryptocurrency, you can buy absolutely anything. Apartments, cars, clothing, groceries, and more…

It’s important to understand that cryptocurrency is another form of money that has actively entered the lives of many people in Ukraine. According to statistics, we have 4 million users.

Today, there is a pressing issue for many people: how to learn to use cryptocurrency, where to get it, how to send it, and how to pay with it. Many people want to earn in various online projects, which often work with cryptocurrency, and the question arises of how to deposit funds into the project and how to withdraw them into fiat currency.

Unfortunately, directly through banks, this has been impossible since March 2, 2023. And exchange offices only work with large sums and have high exchange rates. But there are other ways. We teach this in the Basic Program Sector #1.

  Basic Program Sector #1

To purchase a training program, you need to:

  1. Register using a referral link, which you can get from someone who recommended our services to you, or use the REGISTRATION button on the website;
  2. Choose the training program Sector #1;
  3. Choose a payment method, (activate by transferring funds);
  4. Go to your account, select SECTOR – Sector #1 ” Cryptocurrency from scratch” in the top menu, open the lessons and start learning. This won’t take much time; you can use the lessons at your own convenience, quickly master the material, and, if necessary, get consultation.

Nowadays, having additional sources of income is very relevant for many Ukrainians. And cryptocurrencies can become one such source. It’s essential to understand that these are not just digital currencies but serious technologies. Each cryptocurrency is backed by an IT company with its services, product, and a team of specialists behind it. Cryptocurrencies are assets that can bring good dividends and provide an opportunity for passive income.

If your goal is to have a new source of income, learn about cryptocurrency. Our program Sector #2 Basic Course “Investments or Your Pension Fund from Scratch” can help you with that.

You will learn how to earn with cryptocurrency and discover many income options. Don’t hesitate; you have a chance to improve your life. As the saying goes, we provide you with the fishing rod, not the fish. Learning about cryptocurrency is expensive, but you won’t find prices like ours anywhere else. We want this information to be accessible to everyone, especially those who genuinely want it. Therefore, the fees for our program are distributed in a partner program among participants, allowing everyone to earn not only for basic needs but also to create their starting capital for investments.

You will learn not only how to earn but also create your own funds for various purposes, including a pension fund.

Don’t rely on the state! We recommend seriously considering your future and old age. You need to take care of yourself in old age independently, and you should start doing it now, not later. Investing in your future is a real way to secure a comfortable retirement. Don’t rely on promises from politicians; most of them are uncertain about their presence in power in a few years and cannot guarantee adequate laws. Recent events in the last few years raise serious doubts about your financial future.

You’ll have to save for your old age yourself!

We’ll also look at various programs for children and young families.

Sooner or later, when you learn to earn cryptocurrency, you’ll want it to work for you, not the other way around. And you know what? You can earn a compound interest % by investing in cryptocurrency yourself. Without handing your money over to banks or questionable high-yield projects that disappear after a few months and leave you with nothing.

Most importantly, your money will be in your accounts, and you won’t give your cryptocurrency to anyone. It’s accessible for withdrawal at any time. You control your assets. You’re your manager and banker! No intermediaries, no losses!

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It’s interesting!

Do you believe in numerology? How about numbers and mathematics?

The emblem of our community is the infinity symbol. This mathematical symbol represents the concept of longevity, cyclicity, and development. It’s a continuous process. There’s nothing permanent; everything changes, but everything comes full circle to repeat the cycle with renewed strength and energy. It’s an inverted figure eight, which signifies that any reward or mistake in life is not random but is the result of one’s actions. Such a cause-and-effect relationship is clearly evident in the development and laws governing the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to this cyclic, enduring, and infinite approach to cryptocurrency investments, it’s possible to create endless financial income.

Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle also believed that this symbol demonstrates the flow of events, infinity, constant development, and rebirth. These are precisely the events happening daily in the crypto industry. The market is bustling, evolving, and advancing at a tremendous pace. It’s impossible to master everything, but using what is available to us is possible. And that’s what we’re doing.

If you want to learn how to earn with cryptocurrency and explore investment opportunities and creating passive income, it is recommended to register and purchase the program Sector No. 2 Basic Course “Investments or Your Pension Fund from Scratch”