About the Community

About the Community

The idea of creating the open community “Websector” arose in response to the questions from our friends and acquaintances who started to become interested in how to understand cryptocurrency when you don’t know anything about it, how to learn to earn with cryptocurrencies without losing money.

People approached us with varying levels of knowledge:
  • Some were interested in how to invest money in cryptocurrency, where to buy it, and which one is more profitable, aiming to gain basic knowledge.
  • Others wanted to learn how to trade cryptocurrency themselves, searching for a mentor to teach them trading, already having basic knowledge and some experience.
  • And the most interesting part was when people with zero knowledge began to inquire. They had heard something about cryptocurrency and that it could be profitable, so they wanted to learn more and were curious about how to get started.
This is how the idea of creating a simple systematic learning with support emerged, and most importantly, with easy and accessible information delivery. If you recognize yourself, we invite you to join our community!

Cryptocurrency Education

Sector #1
“Cryptocurrency from Scratch”
In the first basic course “Cryptocurrency from Scratch,” you will:
  • Learn what cryptocurrency is, what it is used for, and its advantages;
  • Register on an exchange, familiarize yourself with its functionality, and learn how to perform operations on it;
  • Practically use cryptocurrency – buy, exchange, and transfer it;
  • Get acquainted with crypto services, exchanges, wallets;
  • Learn how to buy goods and services with cryptocurrency.
The course is designed in a simple and accessible format, without complex terminology. Learn More
Sector #2
“Investments or Your Pension Fund from Scratch”
In the second basic course “Investments or Your Pension Fund from Scratch,” you will:
  • Deepen your basic knowledge of cryptocurrency;
  • Learn why it’s advantageous to invest in cryptocurrency;
  • Discover what’s important to know when choosing exchanges and crypto assets;
  • Learn how to protect yourself from risks;
  • Get acquainted with the services of various platforms that will be reliable helpers in this;
  • Receive real, working, tried-and-tested strategies from experienced investors and be able to apply them to create your own pension fund (accumulative investment portfolio).
Learn More
Sector #3
“Trading from Scratch”

A trader is the highest-paying, most prestigious, and most challenging profession in the world. We are ready to explain to you in simple words the possibilities of this profession. Learning what it means to work as a trader, you can try your hand at trading on the exchange. If you want financial freedom and independence, you can achieve it by trading on any cryptocurrency exchange – either with your own funds or by managing investors’ funds.

You will learn what qualities a true trader should have.

You will be able to test yourself by working on a demo version in advance.

Perhaps you are destined for this profession!


Do you have any questions?
To assist all participants, we have created a high-yield referral (partner) program with a simple linear marketing system. The fee for basic training and membership is proportionally distributed among all community members. This will allow all of us to:
  • earn a decent reward for actively referring the community to your friends and acquaintances;
  • gain financial opportunities to start investing and trading;
  • improve our quality of life and meet basic needs.
We will strive to provide maximum useful information in a simple and concise manner. Start your journey to the digital economy right now.